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Summer Sale!

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FALK CULINAIR copper cookware

With a heritage that dates back to 1958, Falk Culinair’s mission has been simple: manufacture the highest quality copper cookware available that will provide superior performance, unmatched beauty and ease of maintenance. All of our cookware is handcrafted with care in Falk’s workshop in Wespelaar, Belgium by craftsmen with decades of experience. When you buy Falk Culinair, you can be confident that you’re buying cookware of unrivaled quality, performance and value.  Falk pioneered the bi-metal technology emulated by many manufacturers today.  Our bi-metal is 2.5 mm thick with 2.3 mm of copper for superior heat conductivity.  The lininig is stainless steel and 0.2 mm thick.  This provides a durable, easy-care surface for pure food flavor.