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Tips & Tricks

New to copper- turn down the heat!

If you are new to cooking with copper, you will need to adjust the amount of heat you are using.  When I switched from heavy stainless steel to copper, I had to adjust my prep practices.  I used to prep while my pan was heating up.  I burned butter and oil several times before getting used to how fast these pans heat up!

Don't have special copper cleaner, use ketchup

If you don't have a special copper cleaner on hand, you can combine equal amounts of ketchup and salt then use the mixture to clean the copper surface.  This mixture contains oxalic acid, the same active ingredient in specialized copper cleaners.

The food in my pan looks like it's going to be a pain to clean!

A stainless cleaner and scrubbing pad will clean it up, but if you want a head start, add a little water to the pan while it cools down.  Just don't do it right off the heat.  If you were cooking at high heat, let the pan cool a bit before adding any liquid.