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What is “Falk Bimetal”?

Falk Cookware is made from a 2.3 mm copper plate on which a 200 micron (0.2mm) layer of stainless steel is applied under 850 tons/cm² of pressure. The resulting metallic intercrystalline connection creates a pan material with the heat conduction benefits of copper and the benefits of stainless steel for food contact.

Why are your pan sizes so odd?

Our pans are based on the metric system because they are hand-crafted in Belgium. In Europe pans of all types are sized primarily by their diameter. The metric size listed for our pans is based on the diameter at the inside of the top of the pan's lip. We also show approximate US sizes/volumes for reference.  Please see the pans specifications for actual detailed dimensions. 

Are Falk Culinair products sold in retail stores?

We are the exclusive distributor of Falk Culinair copper cookware in the United States. At this time, Falk Culinair products are only sold online.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

No. We are a US distributor of Falk products and do not ship outside of the United States. Our About Us page has information on where to buy the product outside of the US.

Can your products be used on induction ranges?

Our cookware does not contain the necessary iron content to work with induction cooking. Falk Culinair can be used on induction ranges with an accessory induction plate but this solution is less than ideal and largely negates the benefits of induction cooking.

Can your products be used on glass top ranges?

Our cookware does work on glass/ceramic top ranges!

Why are these pans so heavy?

Copper conducts heat very well, but you also need enough copper to properly conduct the heat. We find the traditional 2.5 mm pan thickness to be optimal.  That can make the pans heavy.  There are thinner and multi-ply pans on the market with thin layers of copper.  However, these do not provide the same performance as the thicker pans.