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Product reviews for Classic Cover, 16 cm (6.3 in)

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From: Guest | Date: 4/14/2019 2:44 PM
I should start by saying that I am a big fan of Falk cookware, and have sizes ranging from a small saucier through the paella pan—and truly love them all!

I had not bought any covers, since I have many covers that fit reasonably well. During a sale a few months ago, I bought three covers—two smaller ones for sauce pans, and a larger one for a stew pot.

They fit very well, and function as expected.

The copper finish seemed a bit off to me though (I'm a machinist by trade, so know and work with many alloys). I really looked more like a colored coating over the steel, rather than coper, but I assumed it was a VERY thin layer of copper, say 2 to 4 thousandths of an inch (the 2.5mm of copper in the descriptions refers I think to the 2.3mm of copper that is typically in the pans, laminated to .2mm of stainless).

Drying a lid this morning, I noticed the start of the copper coming off. I put it under an inspection microscope to see what was happening. The copper coating is (this is an educated guess) between 2 two and 4 ten-thousandths  of an inch thick, and it is not "wearing" away (which would leave a tapered edge at the boundary between "copper" and "stainless" but is a sharp divide, It's too thin to feel or measure by anything I have at home (or at my shop, for that matter).

So, I am disappointed at Flak for mis-advertisement—not for performance. But—for the premium that these lids cost, they should indeed be copper.
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A manager responded to this review
Thank you for your feedback.  Looking back at our site, I do see we refer to the 2.5mm bi-metal on all of our products in the overview section.  We have corrected the overview statement on the covers.  Also, in the specifications section we did indicate the proper 1 mm thickness but did not specify the split between stainless (0.1 mm) and copper (0.9 mm).  We have added that detail to the specifications on the covers.

I am glad you have had such a great experience with so many of our pans! Of course, I am disappointed you are having a problem with a cover.  As mentioned above, the thickness of the copper in the covers is 0.9 mm or 0.036 in. The thickness of the stainless steel is 0.1 mm or 0.004 in.  Also the stainless steel and copper are joined by a process that creates an intercrystalline bond between the metals.  It is not laminated or coated.  There IS a coating of lacquer applied during manufacturing that washes away when you first use the pan.  This is applied to keep the copper from tarnishing or staining during the manufacturing process, storage, and shipment to you. This may possibly be what you are seeing.  In any event, if you are not happy with the cover we will certainly replace it.

Mike Davison