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Classic Line Frying Pan Set

A range of frying pans to give you the perfect size pan for any recipe. Imagine having these three pans at the ready in your kitchen.

Classic Line Chef Set I

This set covers all the basics! With a saute pan, sauce pan and dutch oven, you will be introduced to the many ways these copper pans excel in the kitchen. It would be a great start to a complete collection of Falk copper cookware.

Classic Line Chef Set II

This set expands on the Chef Set I. It has a roomy frying pan, a saute pan, two sauce pans and a dutch oven. Just image all the great cooking you could do if your kitchen were outfitted with this comprehensive set!

Classic Line Sauce Pan Set

So many soups and sauces! A set of sauce pans with covers from 1 to 3 quarts.

Classic Line Oval Gratin Set

A set of all our oval gratin pans. For main courses to accompaniments, these beautiful pans go from oven to table and make a big impression!
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