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Copper Coeur Line

Coeur is French for heart, and the heart of our induction compatible pans is 1.9 mm of solid copper. These pans feature contemporary styling and an easy-care stainless steel exterior with the performance of copper.

The Copper Coeur Line is a three layer pan: it has the same 0.2 mm stainless steel lining of our other pans fused with a 1.9 mm copper core. The difference is the exterior: Copper Coeur has a 0.4 mm ferritic stainless steel exterior that makes it compatible with induction ranges. The handles are the same stainless steel as the Signature Line.

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TRY ME! Copper Coeur Frying Pan, 20 cm (7.9in)

SIGNIFICANTLY reduced price to entice you to try Falk cookware. The low flared sides and flat bottoms of our frying pans let moisture escape to facilitate searing and browning. Covers sold seperately.

TRY ME! Copper Coeur Saucier, 18 cm (1.4 qt)

The curved profile of our saucier pan allows all ingredients to be fully incorporated as you stir and whisk your recipes. There is no corner to trap food or concentrate heat. It is perfect for roux, sauces, and reductions. Covers sold seperately.

Copper Coeur Line Chef Set I

This set covers all the basics! With a saute pan, sauce pan and dutch oven, you will be introduced to the many ways these induction ready copper pans excel in the kitchen. It would be a great start to a complete collection of Falk copper cookware.

Cover, Stainless Steel, 32 cm (12.6 in)

Falk covers are crafted with care to fit all of our cookware at the same diameter.

Copper Coeur Roasting Pan, 35x23 cm (12.8 x 9.1 in)

The low sides of this pan create ideal roasting conditions. The copper construction allows for proper stove top browning and de-glazing. Carmelization, or browning, is the result of proteins in meat breaking down at high temperatures, adding depth of flavor. This process is effortlessly achieved in our splendid roasting pan without scorching. Deglazing the pan for sauce and gravy is also accomplished with ease due to the brushed surface of the stainless steel interior and even heat across the entire pan. Covers sold seperately.
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