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2019, May

A sneak peak...

It has been some time since our mother ship in Belgium has released a new line of cookware so we are extreemly excited to offer you a sneak peak of the new CopperCore line that will debut in the US this fall.  The CopperCore line features a .2 mm outer layer of ferrous stainless with a core of 2.1mm copper to offer all of the condutivity of copper with induction capabilities.   We cant wait to see some of these on your cooktops!

Falk featured on How do they do it?

In 2016 the Falk factory was featured on Discovery Channel's How do they do it? (Season 12 Episode 14)  We've clipped it down so you can have a detailed trip through the making of our elegant wares.  Enjoy the 5 minute show!