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Egg Hunt by Zoom?

One of our Easter traditions is to have an Easter egg hunt.  In our version there is a series of clues that lead the kids on hunt around the house and yard until they reach the eggs and candy at the end.  The coronavirus made that impossible this year.  In fact, our family get together would only be a Zoom call this year.  So, we had to come up with a way to make it special for the kids.  We decided we would still have a hunt.  This time, however, the eggs would be hidden somewhere within view of our camera.  We hid eggs under our hat and in our pockets.  I even made some Popeye size biceps out of eggs shoved into my shirt.  Well actually, I had to use one of Vicki’s shirts that stretched tight enough to hold the eggs in place. It was quite a sight.  The grandkids loved it though!

Now, the second problem.  How do you color eggs when you didn’t have a hoard of egg dye stashed before lockdown? We managed to make some colorful eggs with things from the pantry.  Pickled beets that we canned last summer provided a deep red.  Turmeric in some simmering water gave us yellow.  Blueberries mashed and cooked down gave us blue.  Green was a fail. We could not get enough color out of our frozen greens.  We only had brown eggs so the colors were a little muted, but in the end they turned out very nice.

It was an unusual family get together, but we are lucky and everybody is still healthy.  We hope you and your family are safe and healthy as well. 

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