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CopperCore by Falk is here...
CopperCore by Falk is here...

The long awaited launch of Falk's new CopperCore line starts right now.  We're so excited to be offering this new line and wanted to give everyone a chance to get a piece of this elegant hand-made cookware at a discounted rate.  From October 2, 2019 through October 18, 2019 all of these stainless clad beauties will be 20% off.  Act quickly, availability of this first shipment is limited.

September Newsletter

CopperCore Frying Pan

Greetings Falk Friends and Family,

We are very excited to announce that the new CopperCore line has arrived and is in our warehouse!  But, what is this CopperCore anyway?

In brief, CopperCore is an amazing alternative to our traditional bi-metal product that looks like stainless but contains a s...


The sauté pan is the perfect pan to begin your copper cookware collection. Its versatility makes it a great addition to any home chef’s kitchen due to the fact that it is great for searing meats, perfect for rendering beautiful sauces an...

August 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Falk,

We hope you are enjoying this summer season! It is the time of year to appreciate the great outdoors and all the fresh fruits and vegetables that go along with it. It is also time to think of ways we can help sustain our beautiful planet for future gen...

Copper Cookware - The Unique Wedding Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

copper cookware 

The peak of wedding season is coming to a close and fall weddings are right around the corner. The cooler temperatures and the naturally beautiful foliage are just a couple of the advantages of attending a wedding in late Se...

CopperCore Saucier Contest!

We are very excited about our CopperCore line launching next month.  Want a chance to be the first in the country to get one?  Skip over to the contest page to learn how you can sign up to win!  

Summer Tomato Sauce

This is a fresh summer sauce. It is very light. It does not cook long. Who wants to have the flame on for hours when it is eighty degrees out? The recipe is written with the prep overlapping the cooking. So the prep of the next ingredient is the cooking time of the one you just put in. To make tha...

Thank you Lisa in NY!

There is nothing we love more than to see our customers talk about us on social media. Thanks so much Lisa in NY!

Mike’s Hollandaise sauce recipe

Gather the tools and ingredients:

Saucier pan, fine mesh strainer, whisk, small bowl or coffee cup

4 oz of good butter (one stick), 3 large fresh eggs, lemon juice, hot pepper sauce, salt and white pepper

Clarify the butter in your pan. Use very low heat.  The butter will pop, but should not sizz...

July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019 Newsletter


Dear Friends of Falk,

We hope you are well and enjoying the summer season!
Mike and I have been busy learning more about the v...